We currently have over 2,500 cases of Effingham wine bottled and labeled. We have a wide variety of wines to offer, including our signature wine "King's Ransom". Others include Meritage, Norton, Tannat, Traminette, Merlot, Chardonnay, Rose, and our Sparkling wine. We are extremely proud of all of our wines and they are each wonderful and tasty to the palette. Regardless of whether you prefer red or white, Effingham has several offerings for every wine lover.

At the recent State Fair of Virginia Wine competition, Effingham won awards in several categories: Gold Medal for the King's Ransom and Meritage plus a Silver Medal for the Traminette. We also won 2nd place in label design for our King's Ransom and 3rd place for overall winery and design presentation.

A Noble tasting costs $10 per person, which currently includes the first 7 wines on the list below. A Majestic tasting costs $12 per person, which currently includes the first 9 wines on the list below. A Group tasting (same wines as Noble tasting) for 6 or more people is $15 per person.




2014 Chardonnay

Classic new world style wine, aged in oak for 8 months. Toasty nose with creamy texture and crisp apple on the tongue reminiscent of an unfiltered Burgundian style.


2015 Viognier

A floral nose, that goes to honeysuckle and peach flavors. Our versatile Viognier can be paired with white meats off the grill, smoked salmon or fruit salad. Official State Wine of Virginia.


2015 Traminette

A lighter styled, slightly sweet wine made from the offshoot of the Gewürztraminer. Ours is semidry with 0.5% residual sugar with a beautiful corsage-like floral nose.


2015 Rosé

A blend of Chambourcin and Riesling, this is an off-dry style rosé. A nose of ripe cherries, with strawberry and tangerine flavors on the back. Named the country's #1 Rosé at the Indy International Wine Competition.


2015 Norton

This grape was engineered by Dr. Daniel Norton of Richmond, Virginia in the 1830s. Flavors include raspberry and plum with a slight hint of Fall spices.


2015 Merlot

Our classic Merlot shows traditional black cherry and pomegranate. Cola and dark fruit can be tasted on the finish.


2014 Meritage

A unique blend of Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Merlot. The spices on the nose start as blackberry and flow to plum flavors on the tongue. A Virginia State Fair Gold medal winner.


2014 Kings Ransom

A Bordeaux blend made from the finest four barrels from the Pearmund vintage. A complex blend that pairs well with any rich foods or may be had on its own. A Virginia State Fair Gold medal winner.


2014 Tannat

A unique, syrupy approachable wine with dense, velvety tannins and aromas of blackberries and dark fruit. The bold flavors are delightful on the palate. Tannin is derived from this grape variety's name.


Sparkling Wine

A beautiful pink light Rosé made from 100% Pinot Noir. Effingham Sparkling is not just for celebrations but delightful glasses of fun that is pure heaven on the palate anytime. Our sparkling is to be enjoyed paired with food or standalone delicacy.


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